How to Give Your Learning & Development Program Six Pack Abs Overnight. (But Wait, There’s More!)

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In a quick-fix world, it’s easy to get excited about an overnight fix to improvement that, in reality, requires time, commitment, and a focus on long term, sustainable goals. Learning and Development is a clear case in point.

We have all seen those amazing offers on late night TV, of life-altering solutions available through a limited one-time offer, if I call or go online in the next 20 minutes. Beach Body! Six-Pack Abs! Wrinkles Eliminated! Aching Joints Restored to Youthful Flexibility! All of these improvements are promised to work virtually overnight and (amazingly enough) require that I change nothing about my own lifestyle habits in order to achieve results… instantly!!! Sounds like a bargain – where do I sign up?

It’s easy to get caught up in the idea of immediate gratification, however, it is extremely rare that our expectations are met via these amazing solutions.   In the world of  learning and development, the same holds true: tools and services can make a difference, but there is always work to be done.  Mapping out a clear plan of action – informed by learning analytics and behavioral insights – is the path to both near-term incremental gains and sustainable elevation of learning performance that will positively impact your organization’s productivity. If you want your learning curriculum to pack a punch, here’s the Zoomi perspective on six steps to achieve noticeable results:

  • Content Assessment: Elevating learning performance often takes an inside-out approach. Start with the content that resides inside your learning assets – how can you shape it up or take out those “unsightly wrinkles” that are undermining the effectiveness of otherwise well-designed programs? Is your content showing its age? If it’s out of touch with learning objectives, the format of program delivery, or changing business requirements, it is negatively impacting efficacy.  Zoomi’s Content Analytics Platform (CAP) can help.  Leveraging AI and proprietary methods, CAP will provide you with an interpretable and actionable linguist analysis of your course assets compared with the guiding documents they were meant to satisfy.

  • Learning Analytics: Collecting real-time, fine-grain, behavioral data is the foundation for creating powerful, state-of-the-art learning experiences. Zoomi provides our customers with the ability to capture and display learning analytics in an intuitive, actionable visualization tool. With this data in your hands, your next learning program deployment is sure to turn heads. Seeing is believing.

  • Engagement Metrics: The Zoomi AI-based data analysis engine allows our customers to assess how each learner interacts with the content. You’ll gain insight into cognitive, behavioral, and affective preferences for each learner, powering your team to describe, diagnose, predict and prescribe learner outcomes. Sort of like those high-tech sunglasses that improve your vision by 100% – you’ll see things you didn’t even know were there.

  • Benchmarking: “Strive for better every day…” – that’s a theme we are hearing across our client portfolio now more than ever. Zoomi customers can quickly set the bar for their learning material, and instantly evaluate to see if it is leading to positive or negative job outcomes. In parallel, L&D leaders can determine if their learning paths are efficient, and where individuals fall short in understanding the material. You can “trim unwanted fat” easily and with minimal effort – content that needs to be reinforced is identified, along with content that can be removed.

  • Personalization: No Fuss, No Mess, No Touch! Only delivers patented, game-changing personalization capabilities to our customers through an AI engine that personalizes content automatically and in real-time. Zoomi Learning Personalization diagnoses weaknesses in a learner’s understanding of specific course material topics and automatically prescribes individualized content served up at time of need.  Sound too good to be true? Fortunately, Zoomi Learning Personalization is the real deal.
  • Creating a Culture of Learning: In the present home-bound workforce situation that the majority of businesses are developing programs to accommodate, we’d argue that the “culture of learning” equation has been reversed. Increasingly, when teams are engaging in a distanced environment, leadership should think in terms of “learning for culture.” Learning is a distinct and tangible demonstration of investment, commitment, and caring towards your workforce – all are important in these disrupted times.

It’s natural to long for effortless, immediate fixes to L&D challenges – many of which have accumulated over time or been created by changes in the business environment. But the most impactful L&D solutions require planning, actionable insights and the support of advanced learning tools. And while we’ll never try to grab your attention with an “AS SEEN ON TV!” starburst, Zoomi’s experts are here to help. So climb out of from under that Snuggie, put down the Shake Weight, water the Chia Pet, and connect with Zoomi today… operators are standing by!  But seriously, come check us out at, we look forward to assisting your business.


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