Dream Destination: Insights-Driven Learning

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Like a postcard from the future, getting your organization to a place where actionable learning insights can drive your learning experiences and inform course design is a desirable destination. Zoomi can help expedite your journey.

While the near-term adversities facing us create a unique kind of stress, they have also afforded us the opportunity to connect with each other at a more human level, even during business conversations. The recent confinement we’ve all been dealing with has naturally sparked a lot of conversations with our team, and our clients, about our favorite travel destinations and the plans we look forward to making again.

Some people have visions of palm trees, ocean breezes, and romantic sunsets. Most recently, I’ve found myself longing for gumbo, live jazz, and the friendly faces of New Orleans. While there have been common themes, each person’s ideal destination is unique to their experiences, knowledge, and perspectives – just like the unique strategies we each exhibit while learning.

Deep, granular learning analytics can elevate your newly-distanced and digitally delivered training & development programs. At Zoomi, getting actionable analytics integrated into your learning programs is our version of the “Big Easy,” as we integrate with your existing learning platform – no fork-lift replacement needed.

We’ve helped companies land immediate value and impact through Learning Analytics in four key areas:

  1. Producing real-time metrics to provide guidance on course design and redesign priorities
  2. Establishing engagement benchmarks and quantifiable improvement targets for virtual learning programs
  3. Converting critical fine-grain insights into learner preferences, while understanding the variability of interest in specific content areas and learning strategies
  4. Providing comparative data on which topics, methods, or formats are producing the best and the worst learning outcomes

As your company navigates this transitional period for learning, development, compliance, and workforce engagement, the Zoomi team of experts is here to help guide the journey. Our AI for Learning® solutions are intelligently designed and easily integrated. Regardless of whether your style is more laid-back or a bit on the spicy side, Zoomi can help.

To learn more about the ways Zoomi AI for Learning® can guide your development efforts to the ideal destination, check us out at zoomi.ai.


Zoomi helps companies close the gap on learning engagement, insight, and personalization.

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