Rock ‘n Roll Answers to Modern Challenges (Vol. 1)

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If the uncertainties and rapidly changing priorities of your current work environment have you feeling “Dazed and Confused,” you’re not alone. As our work and personal lives have been upended, many of us have sought solace in music to remind us of good times, and find “Shelter from the Storm.” As we are forced to separate, we naturally turn to the things that connect us, like music, which got us thinking – what answers could classic rock offer to our modern problems?

For your reading and listening pleasure, here’s the Zoomi team’s playlist of the Greatest Hits for Skills Development in Uncertain Times:

10.  “Gimme Shelter: To some degree or another, we’ve all been knocked off of our  game. Daily rhythm and focus have been disrupted, even for those who worked remotely before, and learning to move with the same synchronicity is challenging at best. Skills development is a great way to demonstrate consistent engagement, investment in the future, and a sense of caring.

9.Changes”: Adaptability is a skill that has taken on an entirely new level of importance as organizations move to a predominantly digital working and learning environment.  Recognizing that employees fall along a spectrum of “digital comfort,” this is an ideal time to leverage technologies that analyze and personalize the learning journey to enable heightened productivity and foster a more receptive and effective learning foundation for your teams.

8. “The Waiting (is the Hardest Part)”: When uncertainty is high, it can often feel like we’re perpetually waiting for a brighter future, which can be a key source of anxiety. Proactively offering skills development opportunities sends a clear signal to your workforce that you’re committed to investing in them and keeping them moving forward.

7. “Too Much Time on My Hands”: While the silver linings can be hard to find, many of us do have more time available right now, because we’re not commuting to work, an airport, or client meetings. Leveraging new generation technologies to offer more engaging training experiences can be an enticing alternative to the humorous “I finished NetflixTM” memes.

6. “Don’t You (Forget About Me)”: In the rush to accommodate the often large numbers of new work-from-home employees, team leaders can get lost in the shuffle. Managers need to improve skills in distance collaboration, and the most effective ways to connect, motivate and direct teams.

5. “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”:  It’s no longer enough just to mark training “complete.” It’s an imperative to demonstrate that the time invested in training is well-spent. Now is a great time to step back and assess how well critical training materials and assessments align with the new needs and goals of the business.

4. “With a Little Help from My Friends”:Group training sessions in “live” settings have served as great settings for team building, shared experiences and opportunities for feedback. Deploying technology for employees to share learning experiences peer-to-peer is more important than ever.

3. “Over the Hills and Far Away”: While many training teams are in a triage mode, this is also a unique opportunity to plan for the future. Anticipating future needs based upon feedback and measurement of current program impact will help to support the formulation of a horizon-focused plan of action.

2. “Don’t Stop Believing”: Despite the pressures of keeping up with the organization’s changing needs and demands, stay focused on the value of skills development for individual team members, functional groups, and the organization at large as you progress through phases of your plan. Reflect upon achievements and milestones as reasons to believe that you are collectively building a stronger future by moving forward together.

1. “Imagine”: Establish a clear vision and purpose as a foundation to motivate teams to engage, learn, advance, and look forward with confidence. Signal a willingness to innovate and evolve as challenges arise. Use this time to seek out new technologies, processes, and approaches that will deliver superior learning outcomes.

When personal and business environments face waves of change, it can feel like we’re being asked to sing a song we don’t really know. The good news is that we’re all humming along together as we figure it out, and you’re not in it alone. What is your playlist for success?

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