Adaptive learning solutions that accelerate development and unlock performance

Founded by Princeton Professors
Everyone has their own unique learning style.
One-size-fits-all training modules are not an effective way to develop employees to meet today’s skills demands and many solutions fall short of meeting the expectations of true, one-on-one training.
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Zoomi’s innovative software solutions are tailored to transform learning globally

Our solutions take learning programs beyond surface level metrics and provide an in-depth personalized learning approach that caters to employees’ different learning styles and increases their productivity.


More Than A learning
Personalized learning experiences with engaging content and tools that cater to unique learning styles


Data Science & Analytics
Data science API’s that provide deep analytics into clients’ training programs


Content Analytics Platform
Integrated content assessment, development and management platform to optimize your training materials


API’s that leverage our algorithms to integrate with your systems to personalize learning
Our AI solutions are a powerful “enabler” to increase your team’s productivity by improving operational efficiencies in day-to-day operations.

Happier Workplace

• Boost performance and productivity
• Increases training effectiveness
• Accelerate skill development
• Improves engagement

ROI-Driven Platform

• Provide “Return on Learning” investment
• Link to business outcomes
• Reduces training costs
• Mitigate compliance risk

Unique Learning Styles. One Solution.
Endless Possibilities.
Learn how Zoomi’s AI solutions can make training a part of your business strategy to drive better outcomes.