Everyone Has a Right to Learn Their Own Way
Personalized uniquely (for you)
Zoomi’s proprietary autonomous AI platform combines world class content, communities of practice (social learning) and real-time assessment to meet the unique needs of the modern learner.

Real-Time Assessment

Peer-to-Peer Social Learning

Real-Time Adaptation

Thought-Leaders & Influencers

A Learner Driven Platform Where Everything is Personalized


of knowledge transfer


to reinforce concepts


for skill growth

Three Platform Solutions In One

Zoomi brings together the best features from an LMS, an LXP, and a CMS into one interface to make it easy for trainers to manage their content while creating a tailored experience for each learner.
How Our Next Gen Platform Makes Learning Visible
Boost Employees’ Engagement
with AI-Powered Learning Experiences
Zoomi’s predictive algorithms track learner behaviors and will adapt content in real-time to surface the most relevant information that cater to an employee’s learning style.
World-Class Content from Industry
Thought Leaders & Influencers
Access to thousands of videos, presentations, and training modules and exclusive content from world-renowned thought leaders and industry influencers.
Social Learning
& Peer-to-Peer Interactions
Improve knowledge sharing and increase engagement through our social networking capabilities that allow “peer-to-peer” learning and direct contact with thought leaders and influencers.
Our automated dashboards collect thousands of data points that measure learning in real-time at an individual level to provide key insights for skill development.
Our patented technology and algorithms can detect, record and respond to whether learning has occured with at 90%+ accuracy and adapt course content in real-time for the learner.
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