Imagine a workplace of…

Engaged and motivated employees
Trained staff to meet today’s new skill demands
One-on-one training without human intervention

Now, Imagine a training solution that...
Improves business outcomes by


Increases knowledge transfer by


Personalizes and differentiates learning in real-time
Adapts content to meet unique learning styles
Identifies gaps with your current training program

Let’s Disrupt the Traditional Approach to L&D

Conventional education and training programs cannot adapt to meet today’s skills demand and most trainers do not have the resources and time to develop individual training regimens. This creates frustrated trainers and employees that leads an unproductive, inefficient workplace.

A daily learning platform that adapts content to a learner’s preferences and strengths

Predictive and prescriptive analytics
Machine learning
Data insights
Learner behavior
Cognitive preferences
Engagement preferences
Our platform can detect, record and respond to whether learning has occurred with greater than 90%+ accuracy and determine real-time ROI.
“When domain knowledge is learned in isolation from realistic problem contexts and expert-problem solving practices, it tends to remain inert in situations for which it is appropriate.”
Dr. James Walker
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