A Learning Framework that Caters to the Way You Learn

Founded by Princeton Professors

To unlock every learner’s potential and tailor to their preferences by using artificial intelligence and data-driven insights that accelerate skill development and improve learning outcomes.


Knowledge equity and empowerment for all learners and their unique styles. To make deep, personalized learning in real-time accessible to everyone across the world.

Our Unique Approach

Zoomi’s patented AI uses knowledge sensors to track each learner’s behaviors, cognition, engagement and social to unlock hidden dimensions that identify their learning style and accelerates skill development.

How it Works
Our patented technology and algorithms can detect, record and respond to whether learning has occurred with at 90%+ accuracy and adapt course content in real-time for the learner.

Predictive Algorithms

Real-Time Assessment

Networking & Interaction

Propriety AI engines detect what you want from your own activity
Proprietary behavioral motifs model your learning from your actions
Multilevel platform uses network effects to boost learning
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