Five Ways Your Distance Learning Can Help Define Culture

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A proactive and engaging approach to distance learning can set the tone for company culture.

The day-to-day interactions employees and team members enjoyed during in-office work has been a key component of company culture for many organizations. With remote workforces now the norm, building and maintaining a healthy company culture is more challenging, but new-generation learning programs are a key ally. Maintaining a consistent cadence of relevant and personalized learning and development programs is an important signal to your employees of commitment, a vision to the future, and a sense of purpose. Below are five ways distance learning can help define culture:

  1. Continued Learning Sends a Message of Commitment: While it’s natural for extreme disruption to make important objectives like skills development feel like an extra burden during trying times, the majority of your workforce will respond favorably to tasks that demonstrate that the company is anticipating future needs, investing to strengthen individual skills, and helping team members adapt to a new set of conditions.

  2. Reskilling and Upskilling Say “We’re Looking Ahead”: In the face of broad-ranging uncertainty and numerous waves of change, preparing and equipping your workforce to succeed reinforces a culture of caring while also providing reassurance that current business turbulence is temporary.

  3. Learning Showcases Innovation: Not only can you prepare your teams for new ways of working and new skills to generate success, but you can also apply new methods and tools within the training and development process. If you’ve lacked learning personalization, behavioral metrics and benchmarking, or feedback mechanisms within your programs, now is a great time to demonstrate internal innovation in response to shifting requirements.

  4. Learning Establishes Benchmarks and a Plan of Action: Knowing what elements of your skills and development training are working best is important – however, understanding where your team is struggling, lacking engagement, or not translating learning into the desired behaviors is even more critical. Create benchmarks, measure progress. and tailor learning to optimize outcomes.

  5. Learning Sets the Tone: Staying connected with your teams through learning sets an important tone culturally, particularly during times of change and disruption. Learning can reinforce senior leadership vision and increase confidence in the ability of the company to prepare for and power through current and future challenges. Personalized learning programs also aid in employee retention as changing business requirements dictate shifts in roles, responsibilities, and skills.

Learning is caring – particularly during times of disruption. Personalized learning programs employing the latest technologies can provide a strong, positive impact on culture, morale, and behavior across the organization.   To learn more about the ways Zoomi AI for Learning® can help your organization build a resilient, productive culture, check us out at


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