Predicting Learning Outcomes with Motif Discovery

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The Zoomi Research Team amazes me every day with their work. I am so excited to share one of my personal favorites: Motifs!

Think of your own learning, even as early as elementary school. You skimmed a paragraph, thought about it, read the next paragraph, realized you should have read the previous paragraph more carefully….so you went back to REALLY read it. Each of these “movements” can be captured within interactive eLearning content (including eBooks).

Capturing the movements is the first step, and can provide interesting insight about learner engagement, quality of content, etc. But the most exciting piece of this is after the capture.

Motifs contain signals of future performance. This is in contrast to traditional measures like completion rates, which we have seen are not significantly associated with outcomes. ~ Dr. Christopher Brinton, Zoomi Head of Advanced Research

What motifs are impacting learner outcomes? The patterns of reflecting, reviewing, skimming, and speeding, with specific sequences of events and lengths having specific correlations with performance. And, each individual action in a motif contains valuable information.

This recording is from our recent #DataScienceForLearning event if you’d like to learn more about how behavior can give insight into knowledge transfer.

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