Rock ‘n Roll Answers to Modern Challenges (Vol. 2)

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In our first installment of Greatest Hits for Skills Development in Uncertain Times, we explored how classic rock hits might provide some ideas for meeting modern challenges. Before you begin to think that we’re living in the past, rest assured that the Zoomi team lives in the present while also keeping our gaze “Over the Hills and Far Away” to prepare for the needs of the future.

As we noted in Vol. 1 of this series, our clients are being challenged, more than ever, to evolve training programs beyond just a check-box exercise. New tools and technologies are needed to deliver meaningful learning analytics beyond just “course complete,” with the added pressure of measuring learning engagement with a homebound workforce. For your learning and listening enjoyment, please consider Volume 2 of our Greatest Hits for Skills Development in Uncertain Times:  

10.  “Out of Touch: The magnitude and diversity of the disruptive waves impacting businesses has created the need for L&D teams to be even more responsive and nimble. Avoiding gaps in digital learning skills, remote collaboration, or compliance certification is truly an imperative. Leveraging technologies that can objectively evaluate training assets and measure learner engagement provides the much-needed data for metrics-based decision making.

9.Start Me Up”: Adaptability is a core human trait, but not everyone adjusts to change in the same manner or at a similar pace. Part of the L&D role is to assist teams and individuals to keep feeling good about their ability to move forward, grow and achieve. Anticipating the needs of your workforce, in terms of new skills and learning tools, is a powerful way to ensure that they can thrive even under adversity.

8. “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet”: Continual improvement of learning & development programs is one way the best companies continue to excel, even in periods of disruption. Having access to metrics on program effectiveness, content alignment, learner engagement and friction points are the insights that can guide you in your commitment to making L&D programs world-class.

7. “I’d Love to Change the World”: As daily rhythms for all employees have been rocked by a re-imagined work structure, now is a great time to seek feedback from your top performers, in particular. After all, your top performers are probably the ones who will help your organization pull through challenging times. Get their unique perspective to guide your go-forward strategy.

6. “Don’t Do Me Like That”: Where are the points of friction in your learning programs? Are there key topics that are clear barriers within your L&D curriculum? Now is the time to deploy tools that help identify barriers to engagement, productivity, and overall learning engagement.

5. “Hello, It’s Me”: Personalization of learning has never been more important. Employees who are home-bound need to know that their needs are understood and considered in their training and development path. With a simple integration to your existing learning platform, Zoomi’s AI-driven learner analytics and integrated personalization engine can deliver personalized learning without the heavy lifting of course re-authoring or learning platform migration.

4. “Stay With Me”: Ensuring employee engagement, particularly as you are training teams on new processes and reskilling for changing times, is how companies will protect and develop their workforce. Do you have a clear line of sight into employee engagement metrics with your learning programs? Access to deep, granular learning metrics will provide the data and insights needed for a sound development strategy.

3. “Going Mobile”: Mobile learning takes on a whole new meaning with a home-based workforce, and the patterns of work for the foreseeable future will challenge the effectiveness of traditional programs. Zoomi’s team of experts can provide support in designing programs that are resilient, flexible, and highly adaptable.

2. “Carry On Wayward Son”: When companies are attempting to adapt to rapidly changing work norms, it is critical not to reduce the emphasis upon compliance and conduct. Ensuring conduct compliance with a home-based workforce poses new challenges, but new-generation content analysis and learning analytics tools can provide the data needed to ensure your organization is compliant and protected.

1. “Do You Feel Like We Do?”: As employees are homebound and distanced, the option for in-person, live training engagements has rapidly dissipated. At the same time, maintaining a culture of continual learning is essential. The most resilient companies are employing a mindset of learning for culture – recognizing that training and development programs are tangible demonstrations of commitment, investment and caring that employees are longing for in times of uncertainty.

The cacophony of change we’re experiencing has us all wanting to take a beat to regroup and reassess. The good news is you don’t have to go this one solo – the Zoomi team is here to help. What is your playlist for success?

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