Zoomi has redefined “Personalized Learning” with Artificial Intelligence

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There is a lot of talk lately about personalized learning, adaptive learning, the future of learning, the “Netflix of learning”, data-driven learning…..

The future of learning is already here. Artificial Intelligence has arrived in L&D. “Analytics is no longer a ‘good idea’ for HR – it is now mandatory.” says Josh Bersin, in his predictions for HR in 2017. “I believe in 2017 we will see analytics move from a niche group in HR to an important operational business function.”   This holds true for learning, as well.

With artificial intelligence that uses more than 250 proprietary algorithms, Zoomi enhances knowledge transfer, improves engagement and allows predictive and prescriptive insights into business outcomes. Quite honestly, learning shouldn’t be like the Netflix model, with recommendations based on what you previously viewed. Unlike a Netflix recommendation based on your history, Zoomi re-edits the movie live as you watch it!

As learners interact with training content, Zoomi AI produces learning analytics based on individual behaviors, cognition, engagement and performance as learners engage with content. The result is AI-based deep personalization of learning content. It’s not personalization based on quiz results or tagged content (or what you last attended). And, you can utilize the training tools you already have in place; Zoomi integrates with your LMS and can work with your training content without being converted.

It’s time to make data-driven learning truly data-driven. #AIforLearning

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